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Trusting life's processes.

In the Krishnamacharaya tradition of hatha yoga practice, the fundamental foundation of practice is the breath, everything else is built around this. The breath initiates

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Finding your freedom.

One of the qualities of the yogi and yogini is their ability to lift themselves and others up. Just a few weeks ago in class,

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Each moment is new.

At the start of January our focus, shifts to the promise of the New Year, which leads to new years resolutions, plans for betterment, lifestyle

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Christmas Presence.

Yoga advises following the flow of nature, whether that is the breath, the seasons or how our own particular life unfolds. This is born of

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Long nights and Pratyahara

      The last week has seen the clocks change, as Britain and Ireland adopt daylight saving and it certainly feels like we’ve transitioned

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January and the new year.

As we all sit at the start of January, in the lull after the festive season, its easy to reflect…

Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra.

The yoga practitioner is usually associated with having a serenity and equanimity, these qualities are often described in various texts as…

Yoga Immersion 2019/2020

I’m very much looking forward to delivering the first session of the  100 hour Yoga immersion that begins this weekend…


 In the Tantric texts on Spanda, the divine creative pulsation, it states that if we lose the essential delight which is…

Spontaneous meditation.

  In the Shiva Swarodaya, an ancient Tantric text on the breath, prana and its flow,  it is noted that…